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An eCommerce
with  personality

A shopping and delivery service for 7,000+ convenience stores

Client: Zabka

Studio: Ueno / Product Inc

Role: Motion designer & Illustrator

Timeframe: January - March 2021

Zabka is a chain of Polish convenience stores with more than 7,000+ stores across the country. They were ready to expand their service to home delivery and create a speedy digital shopping  experience.

I was brought in by Ueno to be a part of the design team building out the experience. My main mission was to create a motion design system - adding both branding, personality and usability. The final delivery consisted of illustrations, icons, a motion system for UI and animated components.

Press to play case video 


Becoming a friendly helper with a sense of humor


Living in Poland you are never far from a Zabka convenience store. The brand already has major recognition with its consumers. When expanding into digital, it is key that this relationship translates positively. We now have the opportunity to evolve the persona that is Zabka. What tone of voice is to be used? What feeling do we want to leave our users with? By creating a personality for the brand, we make it relatable to its target audience and help it exhibit characteristics customers enjoy. 

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 5.png

Motion aims to achieve...


UI motion should be used purposefully to support an action, adding playfulness to app interactions.

Hierarchy - Emphasizing the right elements.

Clear transitions - Create a clear understanding of how a new screen is an extension of a previous page.

Zabka personality - We bring delight to otherwise bleak places of the app such as launch screens, loaders and empty states.


The art of not waiting​


This service is all about speed and a no-fuzz experience. Clicking though the UI should feel as quick and simple as grabbing a bag of chips off the shelf in your local deli. 

So how do we influence the illusion of waiting times? 

How do we use the occasional extra millisecond to our advantage?

It is quit simple really. The more eventless, passive, empty & uncertain the wait is, the longer it seems. The more eventful, active,  delightful & predictable it is, the shorter it feels.

Depending on the waiting time and the context of what is being loaded: a full page, a component or simply a tiny piece of data - we pick a loader suited for that state. 

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