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Stage visuals for spotify 100 Live at Way out West
'100' is a Spotify playlist showcasing the very best of Swedish hiphop and the artists driving the genre. In the summer of 2019 at Swedish festival Way out West the playlist is for the first time transformed into a live act with 6 artists performing in a rapid tempo: Aden x Asme, Ant Wan, Imenella, Ison & Fille, Jelassi and Z.E.  ​ 


Together with the record label and show producer: YEAR0001, I created some custom animations to be displayed on 5 enormous LED screens places on stage behind the artists.






Motion Design


Year 0001


1. Layout


4. General effects


2. Titles


5. Pre-filmed footage


3. Branded effects


6. Live footage

A component-based motion library

Our concept was built around creating layered components. Spotify provided a well established branding for the playlist as a base, and from that we crated a layout to be used as a foundation for the animated graphics and video content. On top of that we created a few categories of 'effects'. These could be triggered at any moment by YEAR0001's live video magician, Andre Jofré. The categories where: Titles, branded effects and general effects. 

Then as an addition the these effects, we fill the layout windows with video footage, both pre-filmed urban clips of concrete and abstract lights, and live footage of the artist on stage and the audience.

Together all of these layers become a organic experience that can change depending on the vibe of the stage, effects being triggered in sync to the music and reactions of the audience.

Photo: Jonathan Eklund

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