Building a cohesive design system for a video recording and analysis tool & platform.‎

Client: Spiideo
Role: Lead UX Designer and Art Director
Timeframe: Ongoing

Spiideo provides powerful and easy to use sports video analysis software for coaches, analysts and players. With powerful video based solutions and camera system installed in arenas, video recording is always available for training sessions as well as matches. The software then enables the user to analyze, draw on, create presentations and collect data about the team and players.

We created a Design System to tie together the main web, platform and all Spiideo tools to create visual continuity and an easy to use UX.


Spiideo is one of the world leading video analysis tools for sports. Their strength lies in being simple enough to use for both coaches and players, while still providing advanced features for the expert user.
Their set of tools is ever growing, so the need for a solid design system with reusable components was key for success.

Design system

Scaling and flexibility


The whole system is based on a set of components that the designers and developers can tile to build up their view.

Frame 119.png

A flexible layout

The center of the tool is the video window, displaying the recorded game or training session. To be able to keep the video window above the fold and visible at all times we created a flexible tile layout that the user can costumize to their preferens.

Visual design