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Maria Nila

E-commerce research and UX refresh

Client: Maria Nila
Role: UI Designer
Timeframe: September 2019

Maria Nila 100% vegan haircare brand produced in Sweden, providing high quality vegan beauty with the goal of making it easy for everyone to take a step towards a more sustainable and friendly world.

They wanted a UX refresh of their website’s front page to increase conversion rates and keep their loyal costumers coming back for more.


The current web only serves as a web shop whereas the new web should convey a strong sense of brand, be inspirational and educate the costumer.


The main question is: How do we create an inspiring web experience without distracting the user and lose sales in the web shop?

Research study

Inspirational Ecommerce

How can a small niched webshop like Maria Nila compete with large affiliate sites like Amazon?


The Brand = The Expert

Exploit your niche and showcase the brand’s expertise through product descriptions and content.


Clean UX

Amazon’s UX is outdated, messy, and overwhelming. Clean and simple design with Maria Nila brand consistency will get you far.


Quality content

By becoming a source of info and inspiration within your specific niche, the site will draw new visitors that’s in the ‘awareness stage’ of the sales funnel.


Value over price

Offer added value: limited- quantity products, bundles, customisations, early releases, etc.


Attracting loyal customers

Create a VIP experiences for loyal customers; Early access to new products, private events, live tutorial at hairdresser, etc.



Product and brand credibility is a priority for the costumer. Combine customer reviews and influencer statements to strengthen credability.


Customer needs

Depending on in what stage of the sales funnel the user is in, their needs and focus vary when visiting the website.


Direct buy

The user wants to quickly find and buy a specific product.


Research what to buy

The user wants to research what product they should buy, based on specific hair needs.


Learn how to use

The user wants to learn how to use a product they already bought in a store.



The user is a fan of the brand and want to browse what’s new, not knowing what they are looking for in particular.

UX concept


The style direction we chose was 'Editorial'- magazine inspired layouts and bold typography.

Creative workspace with front view of Ma
Frame 110.png

Let one range shine

Instead of showcasing a large quantity of products, we create a story around one specific range.

Above the fold

The layout strongly remind the costumer of a well designed magazine; Minimalist layouts, creative use of fonts and grids.
By showing photos people we invoke interest and create a great opportunity to show diversity, reflecting the wide range of products, for all types of hair.

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 11.58 1.png


Providing inspirational and educational content, we can attract a wider range of visiters wanted tips on styling and beauty too. More importantly, we keep the visitors on the site longer with interesting and easily digestible articles.

Frame 116.png

VIP treatment of members

By giving visitors offers and deals on the site, that might become a reason for the consumer to buy from this webshop rather then a larger affiliate site.

SEO optimization

As a result of relevant written content on the front page (and SEO) Maria Nila will start to show up on top of the list on Google search.


The menu provides a golden opportunity to cross-sell products to to consumer depending on what they are browsing.

Angle view of iPad Pro (Landscape) (Mock
Frame 105.png


Our greatest source of inspiration is our costumers, so obviously we want to show off Maria Nilas beautiful Instagram, and encourage our users to post they own photos and tag #marianila.

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