Maria Nila

E-commerce research
and UX refresh.

Client: Maria Nila
Role: UI Designer
Timeframe: September 2019

Maria Nila 100% vegan haircare brand produced in Sweden, providing high quality vegan beauty with the goal of making it easy for everyone to take a step towards a more sustainable and friendly world.

They wanted a UX refresh of their website’s front page to increase conversion rates and keep their loyal costumers coming back for more.


Challenges with the Brand Platform

The current web only serves as a web shop whereas the new web should convey a strong sense of brand, be inspirational and educate the costumer.


The main question is: How do we create an inspiring web experience without distracting the user and lose sales in the web shop?

Research study

Inspirational Ecommerce

How can a small niched webshop like Maria Nila compete with large affiliate sites like Amazon?


The Brand = The Expert

Exploit your niche and showcase the brand’s expertise through product descriptions and content.


Quality content

By becoming a source of info and inspiration within your specific niche, the site will draw new visitors that’s in the ‘awareness stage’ of the sales funnel.


Attracting loyal customers

Create a VIP experiences for loyal customers; Early access to new products, private events, live tutorial at hairdresser, etc.


Clean UX

Amazon’s UX is outdated, messy, and overwhelming. Clean and simple design with Maria Nila brand consistency will get you far.


Value over price

Offer added value: limited- quantity products, bundles, customisations, early releases, etc.