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IKEA Global Motion Language

A chapter of IKEAs Design System

Client: IKEA
Team: Work & Co
Extra cred: Illustrations made by Sang Kim
Role: Motion Designer
Timeframe: Feb-June 2020

The world’s biggest furniture retailer IKEA is launching a new app to better the remote shopping experience, combined the store experience with the online one.

Work & Co is IKEA’s new digital product partner, designing the app and a full global design system. I was invited as a consultant to work on the 'SKAPA' Motion chapter design chapter - guidelines for creating and applying UI motion to IKEA digital products.

Due to confidentiality of the project I’m not able to present any full design work yet.


Motion is a foundational part of what elevates and refines a design system. We used a set of motion principles to add guidance, usability and delight across IKEAs digital products, platforms and in-store experiences.

All documentation is packaged in an extensive online guide, available for IKEA employees to read and learn about motion design - and download assets to plug and play.

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