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Branded motion for Electrolux

Extending the brand personality through motion

Client: Electrolux
Role: Motion Designer
Timeframe: Sep-Dec 2020

Electrolux is a leading global appliance company that is inspiring more sustainable living.


Together with their marketing team, we translated their brand guide into a visual style that would fit the social platforms. We also created a vast set of templates to make the design as usable as possible for the team.


Create a visual style for Electrolux social and a set of templates, to create continuity and make content creation more efficient in the future.


Electrolux has a well developed tone of voice and vision for how they want to communicate as a brand with their costumers. As a progressive and premium home life brand, sustainability is a big focus on their social media.


Voice → Tone → Style



This is the brands personality and should never change. It is most likely already defined in an existing brand guide.



The tone is a subset of your brand’s voice, based on factors like audience, situation, and channel. Voice is a mission statement. Tone is the application of that mission.



Translating the brand voice into a visual style.
Create style directions based on the brand voice, but with slight variants that speaks to the tones.

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