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Boostified Pay
An in-store marketing tool for retailers & brands.

Boostified is a digital marketplace for brands & influencers. They wanted to expand their product with an in-store experience, offering their user to be able to pick up products straight from their local store. The consumers then pay with a post on social media in exchange for a free product – A marketing tool for retailers & brands.


2019 - 2020




Lead UX Designer and Art Director


Challenges with the Brand Platform

The main challenge was to create a seamless digital platform that would have several account types within a brand: Admin, Brand manager, Store manager & Store staff. The goal was to delegate as much control as possible to the users to lighten the load on Boostifies admin employes to manage the system.

Challenges with the Influencer App
The goal of the app used by the influences was to create an alive experience that would entice users to pick up products in stores. The main challenge when using classic retail UX patterns, like creating a sense of urgency, is to not slip into ‘dark patterns’.

Frame 78.png
Frame 79.png
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