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App motion language

Enhancing usability and adding delight through motion

Client: x
Role: Motion Experience Designer
Timeframe: 2018

The brief was to create a motion language for a brand refresh, with the goal of enhancing usability and adding delight through motion.


The loader is a perfect moment in the app that can take the decorative visuals without negatively effecting the usability. A place to add character and emotions, to strengthen the brand and to entertain the user. The loaders consists of 3 animations: A loop, a success and a fail animation. 









Micro-interactions revolves around a single use case, one main task. They can indicate progress, failure of success, or just create small visual effects purely to enrich user experience. Since these interactions are used often, it’s important to not overdue it and a subtle motion hint is sufficient. These hints are really powerful at engaging and helping users as they navigate.


Animating the illustrations we display our personality by bringing the static stories to life. The illustrations compliment the text and break it up to make the view more interesting and instructive. 

We wanted the style to feel playful, inviting, human & pedagogical. By using illustration we set the brand apart to immediately trigger association with your brand.

Screen_Empty state_4.png
Screen_Empty state_1.png
Screen_Empty state_3.png
Screen_Empty state_2.png

Empty states

I created series of empty state illustration to be used across both app. I kept them abstract enough to be easily modified to fit any scenario, while adding in a branded moment.

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