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A culture subscription that brings drama into your everyday life

Client: Abundo
Role: Design Partner
Timeframe: July 2021 - February 2022

Abundo is a Stockholm-based cultural subscription letting their members attend events on a daily basis. Their partners are producers and venues across the city ranging from high culture institutes such as Dramaten, to stand-up comedy clubs, jazz stages, ballet companies & niche cinemas.

The work I did for Abundo encompasses tone & voice, brand identity, marketing materials, social media content, product across platforms, design system, a SaaS tool for the partners, and many other things. When working with a young company, all the hats has to be worn.


Abundo's target group ranges from young to senior citizens of the two largest cities of Sweden. They all come to the service with different interests - Ballet, theater, music, cinema, stand up, guided city walks, art exhibitions, etc.


The goal and challenge of the experience is not to match these interests with the right user - but rather to get the user to explore new things. The city has so much to offer, and Abundo intends to get you to discover it all.

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