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Good design is as little design as possible
felt in the gut.

‘I reject the notion that good design should be invisible or unobtrusive. For me, digital experiences are not just a streamlined tool; it's a visceral experience that can inspire, challenge, and express the soul of the brand. I believe in leveraging artistic intuition and emotion to craft interfaces that are felt and brands that narrate compelling stories.
Design systems are the foundation, but our focus lies in what sits on top—expressing the living spirit of the brand and the evolving user experience. Design should be more than just functional—it should be felt in your gut.’

I'm Hanna and Hint is the studio name I operate under. I'm based in Stockholm and my clients are spread all over the world, ranging from start-ups to multinational giants.

How we operate

Need a team or do you already have one? I have excellent teammates with a great variety of skills to form the team you need. Or we can enforce your in-house team to push the work and spark new thinking.

Thinking: Strategy, Concept, Product vision
Doing: Design, Motion, Prototyping, Content

Need full project, a kick-start or a final polish to push the work? We execute projects from start to finish. Leverage are decade long experience and boldness create vision work, moodboards and road maps to get your work of to a rocket start. Or get us onboard at the very end of a project to add that missing magical spark.

What we do

Interfaces that you feel.

Balancing best practice UX patterns & contemporary visuals, I create bold and easy to use digital products. Being a true champion of the user, I bridge their needs with the goals of my clients.

Expressive Design systems.

I’ve been part of the creation of countless Design Systems. What I do best is to push the expression and flexibility of the system to allow for a variable experience that aims to unshackle designers in their process to let the brand shine in all contexts. I talk of a layer that sits on top of the base-level components, expressing the Geist of the brand. Defining when to be bold, and when to be toned down. Rules about breaking rules.

Brands with a story.
As new digital services and features are launched a great need for well crafted concept videos arises. To make the process more efficient and close-knit, I create a framework for the video production containing guidelines and examples for writing, storyboarding, design principles, visual style, reusable components & formatting for social platforms.

Motion as my main tool.

Motion as a tool to creating personality in a digital product is one of the most efficient ways without compromising the usability and distract the user. Subtle motion decision such as easing and speed crates certain vibes, but is also almost invisible. The users picks up on it but it doesn't distract. By creating a dynamic UI that changes and feels alive, we get an iconic product that draws users and in keep them coming back for more — using the power of variability.

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