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Design systems have provided a standardized and efficient approach to create consistent user interfaces, but they can sometimes stifle individuality and limit the emotional impact of design. In this article, I explore the concept of adding Geist to your design system — the layer on top of a design system that allows designers to break free from constraints and infuse their work with personality, emotion, and a deeper connection with users.


I'm Hanna and Hint is the studio name I operate under. I'm based in Stockholm and my clients are spread all over the world, ranging from start-ups to multinational giants.

I have spent the last 10 years building user-centered digital products. The union between truly easy-to-use experiences and strong aesthetics that speaks to brand gets me going.

👋 Every new project starts with a chat about your vision and needs. If you don't have a design team - no problem. I can tailor one for you, I regularly collaborate with several fantastic independent designers. Already got one? Great, I'll jump right in. All projects are different and with 5+ years of agency experience and 4+ years of running my own show I have the experience to flex to most contexts.

If you'd like to discuss a new project with me, please get in touch.​

Hanna Edghill

What I do

Product design

Balancing best practice UX patterns & contemporary visuals, I create bold and easy to use digital products. Being a true champion of the user, I bridge their needs with the goals of my clients.

Motion Experience Design

Motion as a tool to creating personality in a digital product is one of the most efficient ways without compromising the usability and distract the user. Subtle motion decision such as easing and speed crates certain vibes, but is also almost invisible. The users picks up on it but it doesn't distract.  By creating a dynamic UI that changes and feels alive, we get an iconic product that draws users and in keep them coming back for more — using the power of variability.


As new digital services and features are launched a great need for well crafted concept videos arises. To make the process more efficient and close-knit, I create a framework for the video production containing guidelines and examples for writing, storyboarding, design principles, visual style, reusable components & formatting for social platforms.


To craft truly engaging digital experiences through emotional design.

What is emotional design?

Glad you asked. Emotional design is the practice of anticipating and accommodating the feelings of the user. When they feel stressed out or anxious - we calm and comfort, when they feel bored - we surprise and delight.

The goal of emotional design is to create a bound between people and product on an emotional level, creating a memorable experience that brings people back.

Personality in product design is a must today. Users want brands that cater to everyone, they want brands that cater to the individual. They are hyper aware of indetity, both their own and of the products they are using.

Habitual users are created from UX that makes them feel something. Digital products have all gone from just completing tasks and displaying info to actually having personality. Motion acts as a storytelling vehicle, bringing an otherwise static experience to life.


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